Neapolitan Tote Bags

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Neapolitan Tote Bags

These felted bags use three different weights of worsted weight yarn to create shaping. It is a great way to show how different yarns felt. Patterns is written in three sizes.

Finished dimensions after felting:

Small: approximately 9 1/2 inches tall and 9 1/2 inches wide
Medium: approximately 11 1/2 inches tall and 11 1/2 inches wide
Large: approximately 13 1/2 inches tall and 13 1/2 inches wide

Experience Level: Advanced Beginner

Materials: 1 skein (approx 245 yds) of light worsted weight yarn, 1 skein (approx 220 yds) of medium worsted weight yarn and 1 skein (approx 190 yds) heavy worsted weight yarn. Model is knit using Nature Spun Worsted from Brown Sheep, Cascade 220 from Cascade Yarns and Lamb's Pride Worsted from Brown Sheep.

Please note: this pattern is sold as a PDF download. Email us to request a print copy instead.