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Brooklyn Tweed describes its new yarn as a "big brother to Shelter and Loft . . . a chunky-weight wool inspired by roving-style 'unspun' yarns: light and lofty, but with a little more strength and stitch definition. While it looks like a singles yarn, you'll find that we've actually nestled three unspun plies together and twisted them to add structural integrity."

What we know is that Brooklyn Tweed's characteristic depth of color makes us want to cozy up to all ten of these elemental new shades: from Alabaster to Lazulite to Moonstone, Quarry is the perfect yarn for cozy knitting.

Fiber content: 100% Targhee-Columbia wool

Yardage: 200 yards

Weight: 100 grams

Gauge: 3–3.5 stitches per inch