Ravalli Yarn Set

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Ravalli Yarn Set

Knit lengthwise, the wrap simply uses yarnovers and decreases to change direction with each color. Nine colors are used: eight appear twice each, and the ninth runs down the middle and borders both edges. Ravalli is a generous size, but light weight, and ready to wear everywhere.

Finished Measurement: 28" wide and 75" long, blocked

Each yarn set includes 10 skeins (2 skeins of the first color and 1 skein of each of the other eight colors) of Loft by Brooklyn Tweed

Thistle: Thistle, Cinnabar, Stormcloud, Long Johns, Woodsmoke, Plume, Homemade Jam, Soot, Camper
Old World: Old World, Tartan, Snowbound, Faded Quilt, Blanket Fort, Almanac, Sweatshirt, Flannel, Postcard
Barn Owl: Barn Owl, Tent, Sweatshirt, Hayloft, Tartan, Bale, Fossil, Fauna, Meteorite