Sommers Hat Kit

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This playful hat is the perfect addition to your fall outerwear assemble. It uses 5 colors of Brooklyn Tweed Loft and the simple colorwork is good practice for beginners.

Finished measurements: 19" circumference and 8.5" tall.

Kit includes 5 colors (listed below) of Brooklyn Tweed Loft (40 yards of C1, 20 yards each of C2, C3, C4 and 125 yards of C5) and pattern.

Embers: Meteorite (C1), Tent, Hayloft, Woodsmoke (C2, C3, C4), Fossil (C5)
Hayloft: Meteorite (C1), Wool Socks, Embers, Barn Owl (C2, C3, C4), Woodsmoke (C5)