Tabi Mitts

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Tabi Mitts

From the designer: 'Inspired by traditional, modern and functional at the same time these mittens represent my fascination with versatility. Worn for many centuries as part of Japanese attires men’s and women’s tabi socks and later shoes have become widely popular for their comfort. In present times, adopted as part of any laborer’s uniform in Japan and by some daring fashionistas worldwide tabi shoes are a hit!
My mittens design are tabi for your hands, comfort and unusual look that combines both – mittens and gloves. We often find it’s hard to do anything with your hands wearing regular mittens. These are a great alternative for having thumb and index fingers you can do plenty without getting your hands cold and by implementing conductive thread into fingertips you can use your touch-screen devices with ease while keeping your hands and fingers warm!'

Yarn: 1 skein of Brooklyn Tweed Loft (275 yards/skein)

Please note: this pattern is available in print only.