Woolly Beehive Skep

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Woolly Beehive Skep

In the olden days, beehive skeps were baskets made of grass or straw. They were used for housing a colony of bees as they produced their honeycomb. Knit and felt a whimsical 3-1/2 or 5-inch beehive as a tribute to the hardest worker out there - the honey bee!


1 skein of worsted weight 100% wool yarn in yellow-gold color. Model shown in Nature Spun Worsted in Sunburst Gold.
double point needles, small beehive skep - size 10 1/2 or large beehive skep - size 13
100% polyester fiberfill and plastic poly-pellets for stuffing
1 yard of worsted weight yarn in brown for beehive door
DMC embroidery floss incoordinating color for 'beehive' yarn

Please note: this pattern is available in print only.