Meet Our Instructors

Jamie Bosc

Jamie is an avid maker and has been knitting since the age of six. Jamie loves to learn new knitting techniques, and to make learning knitting as fun and stress-free as possible. During the day Jamie is a process engineer, and in the evening, a butler for two needy pets, dog Benny and cat Mimi, who never seem to agree on when they want to go outside.

Mary Lou Egan

Mary Lou has been teaching knitting and designing for a long, long, time. As a teacher, she likes class to be fun, and the knitting not stressful.  Her regular Project Workshop class allows students to bring a project they need help with or just some structured knitting time. The title of her recent book Drop Dead Easy Knits pretty much sums up her knitting preferences. She has a day job in community development, a Norwegian Fjord horse, and big garden. Other publications include Wearwithall: Knits for Your Life. Her designs have appeared in Knitty, Craft Activism, and Shear Spirit.

Gretchen Funk

Gretchen learned to knit from her dad when she was very small, and has been teaching knitting for over ten years. She knits lots and lots of sweaters, and loves talking about techniques, interpreting patterns, fixing knits, and empowering knitters. Her Wednesday morning Project workshop is a great place to solve problems, and get inspired. In her rare spare time, she enjoys watching classic movies. Gretchen’s designs are available on, and in the books: Wearwithall: Knits for Your LifeWhat Would Madam Defarge Knit, and Knitting Sweaters (Socks, Scarves) from Around the World

Theresa Gaffey

Theresa has been teaching knitting, crochet, and weaving at The Yarnery for twenty-five years. She works full-time as an editor for the Pollution Control Agency, but any spare moment is filled with yarn—whether it’s knitting and crocheting hats, mittens, shawls, and scarves or sketching and swatching new designs for new yarns and old favorites. Theresa loves to share her experience with students in class and customers during clinic. She’s designed for various magazines, including Piecework and Vogue Knitting, and for a number of books: Wearwithall, A Knitter’s Home Companion, and Knitter’s Stash.

Beth Haskins

Beth learned to knit from her grandma at a young age. She picked it up again in college while studying clothing design and hasn't put her needles down since! Beth seems to always be drawn to some sort of educator role — knitting, youth sewing, nature based, school age care, and at home with a two year old, to name some of the many. Her patience is pretty much endless, and she loves a good puzzle. In addition to knitting, Beth most enjoys spending time outside camping, hiking, biking, or gardening, natural dyeing, her family, and black coffee.

Peggy Lexau

Peggy has been teaching knitting at the Yarnery since 2001. She learned to knit as a child, and especially loves to teach new knitters how to fix their mistakes (having made every single possible mistake herself, many times over!). Besides the basics, she loves to teach any technique involving colorwork—fairisle, double-knitting, and brioche are current obsessions. When not knitting, she enjoys biking, hiking and fly fishing.

Lynda McArdell

Lynda has owned and operated her own yarn store as well as working and teaching in local yarn shops for many years. She now devotes her studio time to one of a kind knitwear designs. If she is not knitting you will find her pastel painting, cooking or in the garden.

Paul Neary

Paul is rarely seen without a pair of needles in his hands. During the day he works in advertising but after hours enjoys nothing more than a hot cup of coffee (or a glass of whiskey), some yarn, a book, and his dog Dutch. He has taught and worked in local shops for several years and spent the last year teaching at Purl Soho in NYC. His biggest accomplishment to date was assisting in the production and design of the custom knitwear featured in the newest Netflix season of Gilmore Girls. 

Susan Rainey

Susan is a passionate and enthusiastic knitter who appreciates both the journey and the destination. She dabbles in knitting design from time to time, and loves sewing and watching movies. Susan shares her passion for knitting with her equally obsessed sister, Sally, on their blog “The Rainey Sisters” at, which has been going strong for over a decade. She spends her free time with husband John, and the cutest dog in the entire world (a Shiba Inu named Yuki). Susan and John have two beautiful daughters who bolster her faith in the future, even when other indicators might prove otherwise.

Scott Rohr

Scott Rohr is co-owner of The Yarnery. He lives in St. Paul with his partner Mark and their aptly named dog, Rowan.