Crochet for Knitters Workshop - 10/06
Essential Techniques

Crochet for Knitters Workshop - 10/06

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Mary Lou Egan, instructor
$35 + materials

4:30 – 6:30 pm
October 6 
(one-session workshop) 

A bit of effort yields big results. You can use crochet as a finishing technique, to make button loops, lend structure to your knitted projects and even secure steeks. Learn a few basic crochet techniques: single crochet, chain, crab stitch, and more to add a useful dimension to your knitting. Who knows, you may even become a crocheter!

Before Class
Knit 2 stockinette squares, approximately 7" x 7", in worsted-weight yarn

Bring to Class
Your completed squares
Worsted weight yarn in a color that contrasts your squares
Crochet hook: size G or H

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