Creek Bed Scarf Kit

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The Creek Bed Scarf is a perfect project. It's striking, eye-catching, easy to knit with just enough interest, making it perfectly portable. Squishy garter stitch is interrupted by occasional bands of popcorn stitch, like pebbles on the shore. Creek Bed makes great gift knitting, travel knitting, anywhere knitting. Malabrigo's Arroyo is a DK-weight yarn. 

This scarf forms a scalene triangle; no two sides are the same length.

Finished Dimensions
18" deep and 90" long, after blocking

Kit Includes
Arroyo by Malabrigo: 1 skein each of 2 colors
Creek Bed Scarf pattern by Theresa Gaffey

You'll Need
US 7 (4.5 mm) 24" circular needle

Kit Colorways
Aquifer • Aguas, Flavia
Confluence • Eternidad, Whole Grain
Estuary • Azul Profundo, Polar Morn
Floodplain • Zinnias, Neverland
Oasis • Oasis, Cape Cod Grey
Oxbow • Lavanda, Pearl
Watershed • Glitter, Escoria

Pattern Errata (for v. 311-01)
Popcorn Row 1: k1, m1, k2 . . . 
should read:
Popcorn Row 1: k1, m1, k1 . . . 

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