Sashiko Mending Kit

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Sashiko means "little stabs", named for the running stitch in this old-yet-modern form of Japanese embroidery. Originally a utilitarian means of mending and patching, sashiko is an art form in itself, now used both pragmatically and decoratively, to mend jeans, create bags and housewares, and embellish linens. Our Sashiko Mending Kit includes all the supplies you need to explore the craft.

We recommend all the books in our Mending Collection as you explore sashiko and visible mending.

Kit Includes
12 4" squares indigo cotton fabric*
Ivory sashiko thread by Daruma (43.7 yds)
2 sashiko needles
6 straight sewing pins
1 water-soluble fabric pencil

*Photos are representative of the kits; individual colors and patterns vary by kit.

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