Eternity Shawl Yarn Set | Anne's Norwegian Knitting Experience

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The Eternity Shawl Experience is a knit along (KAL) featuring the Mountain Rose Shawl. The shawl was designed by Anne Fjeld with Norwegian knitting traditions in mind, and the KAL is run by Anne (not The Yarnery).

Anne has created an encouraging knit along and supportive community to help you master this keepsake project. Sign up on Anne's website by May 30 to join the fun. 

The Yarnery has collaborated with Anne to create yarn sets in her suggested colorways, making it easy to purchase your yarn for the project.

Each yarn set includes 12 (short version; 6 ft) or 15 (long version; 7 ft) skeins of Supersoft by Holst Garn. For pattern, tutorials, support and bonus items, you must register at Anne's Norwegian Knitting. The experience begins in early June.

Yarn Set Colorways
Blue • Iced, Glacier, Marlin, Mariner, Almond, Mouflan,* Scots Pine
Chiffon, Cornflower, Sapphire, Indigo, Pineapple, Sunrise, Mariner
Green • Willow, Spring, Clover Leaf, Tundra, Nougat, Pussy Willow, Truffle
Neutral • Willow, Pussy Willow, Pebble, Scots Pine, Oatmeal, Scarab, Donkey
Pink • Bleached White, Candy Floss,** Damask, Elderberry, Nougat, Silver Grey, Flannel Grey
Purple • Princess, Sweet Pea, Devine, Thistledown, Silver Grey, Flannel Grey, Slate Grey
Red/Autumn • Pineapple, Sunrise, Ember, Bokhara, Almond, Oatmeal, Tobacco
Teal • Chiffon, Treasure, Topaz, Robins Egg, Bleached White, Oatmeal, Donkey

*Mouflan is a substitute for Pale Oak, which is a discontinued color.
**Candy Floss is a substitute for Rosebud (used by Anne), which is not an available color.

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