"It's Not About the Vest" Class


Scott Rohr, instructor
$95 registration fee
(materials to be purchased separately)

9:00 – 10:30 am

May 11, 18, June 1, 8

(class meets four times)

If it's not about the vest, what it's about? Color! Sure, you'll be knitting a vest, but one with a simple shape and construction, so that we can concentrate on color-changing marls. The Forever Vest from Seasonless is a perfect canvas for color-play. You'll hold three light-weight strands of yarn together throughout, creating a worsted-weight, still light vest, perfect for all seasons. Using one color as your base, you'll trade out strands of colors throughout, creating an ever-changing marl.

The techniques and guidelines we'll use will result in a unique and beautiful garment. Choosing colors and yarns will be part of the first session of the class, so no need to do anything beforehand!

    Materials Needed
    Forever Vest pattern (from Seasonless by Karen Templer)
    Recommended Yarns:
    Cotton Fine by DanDoh
    Tides by Holst Garn
    Coast by Holst Garn
    Supersoft by Holst Garn
    Titicaca by Holst Garn

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