Make It Tweed

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Make It Tweed is a lace-weight yarn of constantly changing color, with noils of even more color. When you hold it with another yarn, those bits of color show up in random ways, adding a tweedlike effect to your project.

The finer and lighter the yarn you're using, the more color from Make It Tweed will show up. The bulkier and fluffier the yarn, the more subtle the effect. The color shows up more in garter stitch than stockinette stitch, and you'll see lots of it in crochet texture. And because the yarn is so fine, it's easy to carry along. Make It Tweed doesn’t appreciably change either your gauge or the yarn’s texture: if you’re knitting with a soft yarn, it’s still soft.

35% Viscose, 35% Acrylic, 30% Polyamide
486 yds 
Gauge Varies 
Machine Wash
Lace/Mohair Weight

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